The premium denim brand Hey Joanie ("HJ") is originated from California, inspired by the legendary female rock star, Joan Jett. HJ brings the 1980's Free & Fun, Rock n'roll spirit into the modern denim design, features the brand's unique modern vintage style.

Tailor-made Sizes

HJ introduces the "tailor-made" concept into denim design and creates a new standard for precise size selection. Measurements such as inseams, outseams and rises are staggered for all sizes to better accommodate different body shapes. HJ jeans know you well and fit you better.

High-end Fabrics

HJ meticulously selects high-end fabrics with top-notch quality which presents a retro marble-like pattern. High-tech elements such as blend of lyocell or spandex are applied in the fabric production to maximize wearing experience.

Meanwhile, modern wash technologies are also incorporated into the production process to make each pair of jeans demonstrates a vintage look while remains comfy and crisp at the same time.

Environment-friendly Commitment

Being a premium denim brand, HJ actively practices the environment friendly vision.

We support sustainable fashion and strive to make a difference by using recyclable packages and fabrics. We also cooperate with factories which have bluesign© certified system to minimize the impact to the environment during the denim production.